Malina Moye Strings A Masterpiece On Her Guitar With New Album

Malina Moye is a guitar legend and for her latest release she is stealing the spotlight with her unique mix of genres, funk, rock and soul. Her latest release “Bad As I Wanna Be” serving as the perfect example of her unique sound, helping define her as an artist.

The album, “Bad As I Wanna Be,” is the result of the collaboration between Moye and Grammy winning producer, Bjorn “Polarbear” Soderberg. The visions of both talents came together to create this masterpiece.

Each track featured on the album tells a different story and showcases a different side of the artist’s impressive musical abilities. One of the most memorable tracks, that absolutely captivated us, is “Betta Than You.” The track brought out Moye’s beautiful vocals like no other.

The artist’s music is influenced by the musical legend, Led Zeppelin along with other musicians of the time. Although inspired by the artists of the past, Moye’s music is anything but dated. She puts her own modern twist on those musical figures that helped shape her music style and therefore creates a sound completely unique to her.

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