Marcus Paul James Makes An Impact With His Third EP, “Paper Hearts”

Coming from Brooklyn, New York, Marcus Paul James has recently released his third EP, Paper Hearts.  He sports an incredible voice that booms through the speakers and speaks to the listener directly. He’ll reach into you and play the strings of the heart and make you want to take an emotional hiatus.  After, giving Paper Hearts a few listens, I can now say that I am a fan.

Paper Hearts starts off really strong with the titular track, getting the emotional journey started right from the beginning.  It creates this desire to reach out and hug someone you care deeply for.  The next track speeds things up a bit, making for an interesting mood transition.  It moves from somber to fiery. Even with the changes in mood, he manages to keep that emotional connection with the listener through his voice. This emotional impact continues throughout the whole project, but I believe it hits its climax with the track “Living in Dream.”  It’s my personal favorite track, and I have to say, it made me feel things.  We often times feel like we are living life through love-sick dreams, and it can be hard to wake up.  Moving on can be the hardest part of life, but we’ll always have the memories to hold. This is definitely a project to check out if you’ve been searching for some well-produced R&B or just want to think through some feelings.

Paper Hearts and the other projects by Marcus Paul James can be streamed through Spotify and is certainly something that deserves attention.  Be sure to check out his media platforms to keep up to date and show support.  Listen on!

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