Maya Killtron Takes It Back To A Classic 90’s R&B Sound With “Satin Sheets”

Maya Killtron invokes feelings of nostalgia with the release of her new single “Satin Sheets”.

She sends listeners back to the 90’s with her song’s classic R&B sound.

“With this track I wanted to take it back to my hometown high school summers,” said Killtron. “Picture it, Brampton 1999 – Cruisin along Queen St on the 1A to Bramalea City Center, summer crushes at the Professor’s lake beach, tryin to catch the eye of the L-section babes for a slow jam at Rec dances, between pizza roll breaks, & bright summer afternoons crushing banquet burgers with the whole squad at Sunny’s.”

Even if you aren’t from Canada, Killtron’s description of the inspiration behind her song is vivid enough to transport you back to your happiest Summer memories.

Although summer fun is one inspiration behind the single, Killtron goes on to tell us a story about unrequited love and the pangs of teenage heartbreak.

She sings about being in a relationship with a guy whose words don’t match his actions and is unable to match her efforts. The love she has for him makes it difficult for her to end the relationship.

“This song is high school Maya, the stacked vocal harmonies, the 90’s bass, the Brampton top down beat,” Killtron added.

“Satin Sheets” is just one of the many tracks on Killtron’s upcoming album “Never Dance Alone,” which I’m eager to listen to.

“Its a real gateway into my musical past in ever bar,” said Killtron. “Syrupy, rich & full of R&B high school angst.”

Listen to “Satin Sheets” on Soundcloud and Spotify.

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