Megan Bülow Releases First Single “Not a Love Song” From New EP

An artist’s debut album or EP is the most significant thing they could release, it establishes their sound as well as where they belong in the music industry. At only 17, Megan Bülow have released her first EP, ‘Damaged, Vol. 1.’ Including her single ‘Not a Love Song,’ the EP is perfect for introducing the world to Bülow. The songs included all have different sounds, while still remaining authentic to her own sound.

Although the choice of the lead single was very well thought out, ‘Not a Love Song’ is unlike anything topping the charts at the moment, any of the tracks on the EP have the potential to become singles. The EP’s opening track ‘Like This Guy’ is a beautiful record with a catchy chorus, but it represents the artist’s musical ability more than her vocals unlike her lead single. Then her third featured track on the ep is titled ‘Lines,’ more rich lyrically and paired with her beautiful voice, the song is a wonderful addition to the EP.

Just at 17 years of age and not yet fully devoted to making music, Megan have managed to amaze us her with her talent. We are craving more of her tunes and can’t wait for her to make it big like she deserves.

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