Mia LJ Makes “This Livin” Look Good With New Music Video

Busting back into the music world with her debut music video and album “This Livin” is NYC-born Mia LJ, a charismatic singer just shy of her twenties. If that doesn’t impress you, how about this: Mia is a multi-instrumentalist (talents including proficiency at guitar, piano, drums, bass, cuatro (ten-stringed Spanish guitar), and ukulele), creating 100% of her music independently and tracking every arrangement on her EP These Are The Years exclusively. Specifically, the past release’s title track was written when Mia was just fourteen year old.

Since then, she’s performed at packed out festivals and venues including National Night Out (Sponsored by Target), Stage 48, The Chance Theater, Santos Party House, and many more. Her sound is a blend of rock, R&B, and pop—as perfectly exemplified in “This Livin”—while also being, as she describes in an interview with PressParty, a “mixture of neo-soul & indie rock with jazz & blues elements. It’s carried by very raw, soulful vocals and driven by guitars. I’ve come to call it Soul Infused Indie Rock / Pop.” There is a soothing quality to her These Are The Years tracks, and overall her style has drawn the attention of major record labels.

And speaking of “This Livin,” the youthful anthem expresses the introspection and duality of her generation, singing  “I bask in the ice, I bathe in the fire.” The visuals of the music video show a mix of shots of classic cars, unhinged excitement, and city grittiness that meld unexpectedly with the lilting melodies of the song. Mia displays a true understanding of people her age, and has spoken in interviews of her past struggles with self harm and drug addiction. She’s incredibly real in sound and personality, and hopes to discover new fans this summer and unlock brighter horizons in her young music career.

You can check out her EP These Are The Years and her debut music video for “This Livin” by following the links below!

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