Murder Murder Makes A High Stakes Bet With “I’ve Always Been A Gambler”

Murder Murder have now put out their new single “I’ve Always Been A Gambler.”

The track is detailed as “a fast-paced, dobro-driven song” about a card game participant who dislikes the men across the table from him. Gambler also references “Jack of Diamonds” and “The Cuckoo,” which are both classic folk songs.

In this upbeat folk track, the music and lyrics (as well as the tempo) are very reminiscent of “The Devil Went Down To Georgia.” Throughout the song, as one listens to the words, there is a brooding sense of dread, as if something terrifying has happened or will happen in the near future.

Ultimately, Gambler is a fun track and hopefully gives fans a small taste of what the band will be serving this fall. The band have also put together a fantastic music video for the new song; according to them, the video focuses on “the story of a high-stakes blackjack game” in which players bet their lives. The video was filmed at a farm in Northern Ontario, which proved to be a delightful backdrop for the theme.

“I’ve Always Been A Gambler” is the first single from Murder Murder’s upcoming album, Wicked Lines and Veins, which will be released this September.

The LP is a combination of 11 original songs “soaked in tension, storytelling, and tragedy.” Be sure to be on the lookout for their release later this year.

Until then, check out I’ve Always Been A Gambler!

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