New City Releases A New Music Video For “Getting Closer”

The electric pop trio, New City, has released a new video to their latest single “Getting Closer”. The trio has recently signed to Mosley (Timbaland’s new label) and Universal and have seen their road to fame come to life through their debut single “Coachella”, which received nearly two million views. Their second track “Dirty Secrets” has since outdone their debut single with even more views. In a video published on their YouTube channel by @VALDAYS, the trio described their writing process saying, “every time we finish a song, we roll up a joint, smoke one, and listen to it. We just want to be honest about who we are, what we like”. The trio writes music that is honest and has a message they feel the world needs to hear.

Using their platform to create music that matters not only to others, but to themselves as well, the trio creates an exciting pop sound, playing with club beats, pop hooks, and live instruments creating an unapologetic sound the trio describes as, “… their pursuit of a good time with their electro party pop songs that perfectly soundtrack the carefree spirit of today’s generation.” This theme is very evident in their latest single, “Getting Closer”, which represents, “… the ups and downs that come with chasing dreams and the courage it takes to trust yourself – a declaration of empowerment”, according to the trio.

The video for “Getting Closer” captures these deeper meanings as the trio go through a variety of scenes showcasing the different influences you encounter as you journey to find yourself and who you want to be. To match the playfulness of the song, the video is visually playful with glitches, doubles, and an endless loop of the same few scenes. The video embodies the song’s underlying theme of trying again and again until you make it. To watch for yourself, go on YouTube today to watch the video for yourself.

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