No No Yeah Okay Let’s Us Join Their “Cabal” With Sophomore EP

Milwaukee- based band, No No Yeah Okay came out with their new single, “Make Believe” a while ago and now their EP “Cabal” was just released on February 9th! From what I can say, this EP is definitely worth the listen!

Mark Gage, Christopher Quasius, Colin Plant, Josh Paynter of the band combine their different background of music to create this one of a kind electronic hip-hop, pop, and punk song that is very catchy and a sound that is not worth missing out on. The band has received attention very quickly and has even been included in Spotify’s New Music Friday Playlist. Production that included layered synths perfectly blend and coordinate with these lyrics to create a full sound that is edgy yet irresistible to listen to over and over again.

Which is exactly how I feel about their EP, a while back I reviewed “Make Believe” and I had a feeling that their EP would be just as good as that single. It is so catchy blending all of the genres together to create an amazing EP.  No No Yeah Okay is definitely not worth missing out on. Again, their EP is out and on SoundCloud for all listening pleasures!



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Kristen Calderoni

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