Nyssa Is A “Champion Of Love” With New Music Video Off Debut EP

Indie vibes with a side of 80’s pop energy is one way to describe Nyssa’s new video, “Champion of Love.” The video gives a whole new take on Alice in Wonderland.

Nyssa’s sultry lyrics matched with the set’s unique design, add to the song’s dynamic feel. The video transports you to a fantasy world of wildflowers, neon colors, and endless possibilities.

Instead of being confused like Alice was, Nyssa is in full control of her new world. Her bright red lipstick, leather jacket and slicked back hair shows you that she is the commander-in-chief of Wonderland.

“‘Champion of Love’ is a bizarro Dionysian exultation—a puckish takedown of sterile adulthood. Feast your eyes on this Ron Hollywood-directed glam Bacchanal,” Nyssa said. “I’m your pied piper, your mad hatter, your witch in the woods, here to lead you in the revelry of my sleazy Saturnalia.”

Nyssa’s use of melodic beats and charismatic lyrics are invoked throughout her debut EP, of which “Champion of Love” is the title track.

“It’s a surreal descent into a punk Wonderland all while exuding trashy glam pop stylings,” she added.

If you haven’t already, check out the “Champion of love” video on Youtube

“Champion of Love”, the EP,  is also available for streaming on Apple and Spotify

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