Oh Geronimo Releases “Mountains” From New Album

Oh Geronimo’s latest release is called “Mountains” and it will surely climb the charts. The song will be featured on their new album entitled, The Sled. The basis for their album is the peaks and valleys that life has to offer. Much of their lyrics consist of geological metaphors pertaining to the art of living.

“Mountains” is destined to be their breakout hit. The instrumentals throughout the song are amazing and make it never want to end. The lyrics add to the mechanical musical base of the song. Simple and clear, the lead singer allows listeners to fully experience the deeper meaning of the lyrics. Oh Geronimo’s style is similar to bands like Death Cab for Cutie. If you like this alternative rock band, then you will easily fall in love with Oh Geronimo. They strip it all down and create music for the soul. There is no fuss of synthesizers and other add-ons. They are creating music that truly  allows for the instruments and voice to shine.




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Sarah Graubard

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