Parker Matthews Gets The Party Started With “Hit and Run”

“Hit and Run” is a pop hit waiting to be discovered. It is hugely versatile—it encompasses the catchy lyrics, tune and beat necessary of a hit pop song but also includes a grooving instrumental section where people can dance along. This song really has something for everyone. “Hit and Run” is truly a party staple, for jumping parties just like the one portrayed in its music video. In this video, Parker can be seen dancing alongside his friends, the buzzing, light-up cityscape in his background. From the moment he first steps off his elevator equipped with sunglasses and a confident white-jeans stride, Parker’s coolness and swagger is off the charts. I really love the cool vibes that the music video sets forth and the beautiful quality of his voice—he sounds great on this song, especially in the chorus.

Along with being a fantastic pop artist with a unique sound, Parker Matthews is an advocate for suicide prevention and anti-bullying, supporting The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and several LGBTQ+ organizations. His mission is to spread positivity and fortitude through his music and lyrics. I am so glad to see that Parker cares about his fans and about important causes.

“Hit and Run” truly is a fun, carefree song that listeners can feel free to jam out to and have a good time. The music video does a wonderful job of catching that free, happy spirit. If you’re in need for a middle of the day pick-me-up, this song is a great place to start.

Check out the music video for Hit and Run on Youtube.

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