Prince Amine Fuses Elements of Different Cultures Together With “Fuego”

Prince Amine is bending all the rules and is creating beautiful music in the process. Coming from a multicultural background, the artist isn’t afraid to incorporate his complex background into his music. The artist uses his varying background to give us a genre music we have never heard before. His music is influenced by many genres, trap, r&b, hip hop and rap. He draws inspiration from different languages as well, his music may have traces of English, French, Arabic and even Spanish.

Prince Amine’s single “Fuego” is a great example of the artist’s ability to put different elements together. The single is great introduction to the artist and his style of music. The single undoubtedly stands out in comparison to anything taking over streaming services at the moment. What really completes the single is the unexpected pop of French. It is not easy for an artist to mix two languages together in a single song but Prince Amine did it so beautifully.

Although just starting out, Prince Amine is on the road to international stardom.

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Salma Almed

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