Rainy Day Crush Releases New EP, “I’m Still Alive”

Looking to gain momentum as they approach festival season, indie-pop trio Rainy Day Crush have released their new EP, “I’m Still Alive.”

The band was originally put together in 1994, as Matt Specht and a few of his friends were recent graduates of high school and wanted to hone their music skills. The group had a successful run in the 90’s, including playing a plethora of live shows in Wisconsin and being signed to an independent label; however, the project eventually started to fade amongst its members.

Luckily, Rainy Day Crush experienced a resurrection in 2012 after they were asked to play a reunion show as a fundraiser. Subsequently, they played a number of acoustic shows and grew back into a full-band experience. Unfortunately, the group lost two lead vocalists in one year, after which they collectively agreed to continue with Specht as the frontman.

 A highlight track from the group’s EP is “Heartbreak (Or How to Get Over It).” The song starts out with a catchy distorted guitar riff and Specht talking about how he’s “trying to make sense out of [his] feelings that lurk behind.”

Immediately, listeners can tell that Specht is speaking of a past love interest with whom he had a falling out. The song can essentially be summed up by two lines in the chorus: “You broke my heart, but hey, that’s okay. I’m still alive, I can fight one more day,”

Following the song’s midsection, the band lead listeners into a classic instrumental/solo before ushering them out with a powerful last chorus. It’s easy to see why Heartbreak is one of the group’s more popular tracks.

The extended play’s closer, “Bonfires” is a standout as well. The song is over three and half minutes of Specht talking about how he’d like to live: just with “[his love interest], and the sea, and bonfires.” Musically, the track boasts a few differences from some of its predecessors. Most notably, the atmosphere built by the inclusion of piano alongside guitar. In all, Bonfires closes the EP well while remaining unique from the other three songs.

Ultimately, Rainy Day Crush has proved that they can deliver with their newest EP, and the music demonstrates how talented the band truly is.

 Rainy Day Crush is eager to develop past the Wisconsin music scene and expand into the Indie Pop genre. Their first stop on this journey is this summer’s Summerfest, arguably the world’s largest music festival.

On July 7th, the band will join the ranks alongside popular acts such as Tom Petty, Pink, The Chainsmokers, Zac Brown Band, Awolnation, Third Eye Blind, Toto, and Huey Lewis and the News as they perform on the Uline Warehouse Stage.


Without a doubt, Rainy Day Crush is on their way for a powerful comeback into the music industry. Their return is marked by a decidedly wonderful four-track EP, and music fans everywhere should do themselves a favor and check it out!

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