RANN Takes It Back to The 80’s With “Copycat”

Gear up for a retro comeback as fashion and music intertwine to take us back to the 80s.  As if RANN was aware of the 80s fashion trends coming up for 2018, they recently released their single “Copycat” off of their new E.P. Renegade Holiday.  The single has an air of 1980s synth-pop that throws us back to the neon colors and wacky sounds that defined that decade. This indie rock band is sure to make new waves as they continue to please their fans and garner new ones this year.

In “Copycat”, RANN takes on the role of an onlooker who is watching the life of a person who doesn’t know himself.  The lyrics are a commentary on people whose desires get lost and end up living a life they never intended to live.  The music production is exquisite.  It progresses throughout the song as a clear and authentic backdrop of what’s happening in the vocal production.

In the verses, it serves as background, hippie-like elevator music that draws you to pay attention to the lyrics.  They are more important than the music.  However, in the chorus, the rhythm section bursts out and gets the inner rock star in you to play along with the neighbor notes on your air guitar.  Throughout the song, you hear elements of the 80s synth-pop sound get added slowly,  as it builds to the bridge where the sound is apparent.  In the bridge, it explodes into a fusion of psychedelic musical notes that create colorful visuals in your head and make you want to party like it’s 1989.  It’s a musical high worth experiencing no matter what genre of music you fancy.

The second to last run of the chorus reels you back in so you can recover from the high.  It prepares you for the end of the song.  Here, you hear the mixture of the synth-pop and indie rock sound.  Up to this point, the bridge and chorus had distinct sounds that the production had separated craftily, but now the sounds are fused together, blending the two genres.  At the end of the song, you’re left praising the musicians’ craftsmanship and are excited to discover what else they have to offer their audience.  Bravo RANN!  Your music is brilliant!

On February 23 RANN’s new E.P. Renegade Holiday will be released.  That’s this Friday.  In the meantime have a listen to “Copycat” on Youtube. Enjoy the music!

For more information on RANN checkout their website and their social media accounts.




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