Rhys Infuses Elements of R&B, Jazz, and Electronic With “10k Post Up”

Rhys released his debut single, “10K Post Up,” in collaboration with producer Quin Kiu.

Thayler Rhys’ life is an ever changing process, where nothing remained constant except for music and his love for it. His different approach to R&B differentiates him from all those trying to make it in the industry.

By adding an electrical twist to the usual R&B, Rhys developed his signature sound which will help put him in the spotlight of the music industry. His single “10K Post Up” is beyond anything that have come out of any R&B artist. His soft angelic vocals paired with the jazz infused R&B tunes result in the perfect track. The lyrics reflect the artist’s personal experience on both ending relationships and changes in life.

Within recent years R&B has been static but with visionaries like Rhys there is hope for evolution and development in the genre. “10K Post Up” is a song you don’t want to miss, check it out below.

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