Rick Duff Is Living The “High Life” With The Smooth Sounds Of His New Album

Repping Houston, Texas, R&B and Hip-Hop phenomenon Rick Duff has released his latest album, “High Life”, that is bound to impress. Beginning his career, “… in a garage with no sound booth and mattresses on the wall for soundproofing”, Duff has proven that nothing is a barrier when the talent is there.

This album consists of seven incredible and heartfelt tracks (B&B, High Life, I Can, I Got the Juice, Jump, On My Way, and Sexing You); my personal favorites being B&B and Sexing You. His album is very unique in the way the sounds reminds you of the feeling when you first start seeing someone you have been wanting to pursue. His voice is soothing yet very confident, producing a relaxing feel that still makes you want to get up to sway your hips.

The album is full of emotion; perfectly balancing love and lust, desire and need, and vulnerability and confidence. Sexual desire and obvious attraction fill the lyrics, restoring an early 2000’s vibe that the music industry has not heard in a while. With smooth beats and relatable lyrics, it would be hard to find something you dislike about Duff’s sound.

To follow his activity, visit his website or stream his music on SoundCloud today!

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Amy Almeida

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