Rubehilll Is Trapped In A Purgatory Of Thought With “Apartment”

Let’s face the facts that the music industry is not easy. It can take artists weeks, months, or years to even find their voice or style in the music industry. They can spend years trying and trying to make something work and still be unhappy with it. However, the artists sound may come around when the artist least excepts it to. It sure did happen for RubēHill (Alex Stavropoulos-Laurie), who finally found his voice.

“Creativity is such a beautiful aspect of existence, after all, and it’s such a pain to see it become contrived for anyone. I began to create (mostly) without fear and was driven to conduct my project in a way that would inspire others to do the same.” said RubēHill.

RubēHill presents his viewers with, “Apartment” which his says draws from various music influences from him such as Frank Ocean, Gorzilla, and Run the Jewels. He said the song is very different from something he has ever written before, which is why it holds a special meaning to him.

“Lyrically, “Apartment” is about being trapped in a purgatory of thought, feeling simultaneously anxious about the past and the future. I felt this way after moving into a small apartment in the city, which physically embodied my anxiety.” said RubēHill.

The song does start out slow, but after a minute or so, it picks up the pace along adding savvy guitar licks and groovy bass lines making it a very enjoyable song to listen to. Hope to hear more from RubēHill soon!

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Kristen Calderoni

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