Sam Setton Introduces Us to “Stranger” with Newest Single

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Getting us pumped up for his 2017 debut project, electronic artist, Sam Setton, released his newest single “Stranger”. It’s emotive electronic pop – ear grabbing and smooth tones bring life to a pulsating backdrop of instrumentation.

Setton is a New York native singer who writes and composes his own music. Following the success of his last record “Berlin”, he follows up with this single; vocalizing his feelings about a lost love, Setton shares the hardship and toll of going through a separation.

Breathy harmonies and catchy lyrics make the emotion so visceral – lines like these paint the pictures so well:  “never thought that’d we’d be so far apart/ but yet so close – I still see you at the bar”. And the music offsets the vocals so nicely. Chords are mellow and sweet, the 808’s and kicks are thumping, and the guitar really carries the sound. Adding in the background singing and echoes it all sounds so eerie, like whole song is drowning in emotional depth.

I personally can’t wait for the EP to drop early next year. Make sure to check it out yourself.

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