Sampson Reveals What It Means To Be “Damned” With Lead Single Off Album

To leave or not to leave.  That is the question in Sampson’s new single “Damned”. Compared to the other songs on her album Dark Sky Nights, it is a powerful and thought-provoking track that invites you to share Sampson’s experience in a dysfunctional relationship.  “Damned” takes a look at the point where she has to decide to stay or leave.  It captures the emotion of wanting what feels good and right at the moment.  She knows it’s better for her to leave the relationship, but the thought of not being with her significant other isn’t thrilling.  If she stays in the relationship, she’s bound to hate being in it.  However, the loneliness that awaits her if she leaves isn’t anything to be desired either.

The lyrics are simple and direct yet thought-provoking, making it easy for you to listen to her message.  The instrumental towards the end of the track allows you to rummage through your memory bank and remember a time you had a similar experience.  This same instrumental is present throughout the song, but it functions in different ways.  In the beginning, it has an anticipatory effect where you can’t wait to hear what she has to say.  She then introduces the lyrical component with the chorus and then the first verse.  The same rhythm continues and serves as background, and at the end, it becomes the driving force behind introspection.

Overall, “Damned” is an invitation for you to share the emotions behind making a tough decision, one that doesn’t have a good consequence no matter what you decide to do.  It’s an experience that makes you realize you’re not alone in this process. Have a listen to it on SoundCloud or on Spotify.  Enjoy the music!

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