Sophia Danai Battles Through A Failed Marriage With “Come Thru”

Break-ups might be the worst thing. Ever. There are few words that can pinpoint the tumultuous and torturous grieving process that we undergo at the end of a relationship. We are all too familiar with the unwelcome accompanying feelings of helplessness, self-doubt, denial, numbness, misery…the list goes on and on. So few musical artists have the guts to share these emotions with listeners by coming forward and admitting the intimate details of their failed relationships.

We need that from our artists, though. We as humans need artists that we can relate to in the moments where life is swallowing us whole, when we feel alone and misunderstood. We need artists who are willing to table fame in order to focus on creating bold, real works that accurately depict the human experience, both good and bad. We need artists who are not afraid or ashamed to admit that life sometimes screws us over in ways that we are unprepared for. Enter Sophia Danai.

Sophia Danai’s single, “Come Thru”, is the first song to be released from her new album, Real Lies. It’s an injustice to simply call “Come Thru” a song. “Come Thru” is an unapologetic anthem that details both the sweet beginnings and bitter endings of her doomed, trapped marriage. Through her lyrics and raw voice, Sophia readily reveals how crappy it feels when a relationship ends. In the single, Sophia generously shares a piece of her soul through relatable lyrics like “spend all our money and bet on our love, falling so hard that we don’t see the crash.” It is so hard to explain that unavoidable whiplash in passionate love, where two people fall so deeply in love that their tunnel vision prevents them from seeing the future consequences of falling too fast. She gets it though. Too many love songs fail to address this uglier side that almost every person has had to face before. Sophia does a service to listeners by making herself vulnerable and unafraid to sing about love’s evil twin, heartbreak. Life is not this calm sky filled with cotton candy clouds and rainbows. Sophia gives us a glimpse into the storminess we sometimes face.

The warmth of Sophia Danai’s voice and the intimate instrumentation of voice, guitar and keys both drag listeners further into Sophia’s soul. Her raw emotions will penetrate listeners, causing memories of moments where love turned to hate to flood back to them. The lyrics are cleverly juxtaposed, going back and forth between describing the beautiful, warm moments of her initial relationship and the less-than-great moments in a bold chorus distinctly calls out her ex, asking when he’ll come through to finally get his stuff. A similar juxtaposition carries in the music video for her single, where we are able to see and relate to happy little date nights and grocery store trips along with the immense pain that Sophia feels when coming off-the-rails and singing karaoke at a party. Sometimes, the pain and suffering Sophia portrays in the video is what raw, unfiltered coping looks like. One of my favorite parts of the music video is when she breaks and sets a guitar on fire. She bought this guitar on her honeymoon, believing then that it was an oasis through tough times in her marriage but now that it represented a period she needed to let go of. She chooses this guitar to burn because it means something. How cool is that?

Sophia Danai’s single is significant because it truly pinpoints some of the emotions that each of us toil with. It makes us feel a little less alone, a little more understood. Sophia says that a renewed mindset about what it takes to succeed led her back to school for production and recording with a new mission of creating her own vision and defining her artistry. Her mission is simple: “letting [her] fans know that they’re not alone, and that through challenges, they can become more compassionate.”

I think that “Come Thru” accomplishes this mission perfectly.

Listen to “Come Thru” on SoundCloud. Check out the music video here.

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