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Genre: House, Old School R&B, Hip-hop, Reggae

Music: Mixcloud

Location: Hillside, New Jersey, USA

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New Jersey has always been known to produce music talent, but some don’t know the state puts out quality behind the turntables as well. DJ MPure is a Jersey born and bred pure (no pun intended) mixologist. If you go to just about any event in the tri-state area, he’ll be the one getting the party started.

Born Michael Purefoy, DJ MPure has always had a love of music and he showcases it in each set he runs. Just eight years in the game, MPure has become a well-known name behind the turntables in the tri-state area. Ambitious, hungry, and ready to take over, he has solidified his spot on the party scene and continues to take his skills to great heights. Fusing Hip-Hop, Old School R&B, Reggae, House, and the latest vibes to bump the crowd, MPure is the name to watch as far as DJ’s coming out of Jersey.

Currently the official DJ of Jersey’s famed Sneaker Room, you can find MPure moving a mob full of kick fiends when he’s not rocking a party. Clubs, lounges, strip clubs, grand stages, there’s nowhere to predict where he’ll pop up next and with his astounding work ethic expect his name to be a national statement. He even has is eye on the EDM scene as the next target. This turntablist isn’t just a threat live either, DJ MPure already has several recorded mixes under his belt. His latest Quick Mix tape is a fan favorite and sure to get any ride or household amped just like his parties. Keep your sights on this DJ people because the bookings are going to get hotter and hotter. DJ MPure is definitely a star on the rise, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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