Tafari Anthony Is Back With Latest Single “To The End”

Canadian singer/songwriter Tafari Anthony is back with newly released single “To The End” from his upcoming EP Remember When. With a clear, compassionate message encouraging listeners to accomplish their dreams “while working through their own self-sabotage,” the urban R&B artist is sure to impress with the rest of his album.

Tafari has already enjoyed national success with his performances Arts Club in Vancouver, Stage West in Calgary and Toronto, and providing backing vocals for solo artist and lead vocalist of The Philosopher Kings Jarvis Church. As a soloist, though, he truly shines, having been recognized recently by Canada’s Walk of Fame.

In discussing his life, inspirations, and rise to success, he says:

“Over the course of my childhood and adolescence I realized I was gay. I felt pressured by my family and the industry to accept that I would have to become what was expected of a young black man. With the expectation of fitting into the status quo, I focused on a more urban R&B sound, where I began to find some local success.

“However, that success came at a price and I found out quickly that hiding my true self from those I loved was taking its toll on my personal life and inevitably my music. I found some relief when I started to meet writers and producers who didn’t feel the need to force me into one specific genre, but instead encouraged me to discover and explore many forms of musical expression. It was during this time I started to become more comfortable with myself musically, which ultimately lead to becoming more confident in my personal life.

“I attribute my recent accomplishments to overcoming those expectations placed upon me by others and I’m grateful for those who helped support me to find the courage and confidence to live honestly with my convictions.

“At the end of the day you have to live your truth.”

There’s no doubt that Tafari’s voice is absolutely incredible—powerful but in a soft, compassionate way that works perfectly with the style of “To The End”—and his songwriting and message only add to the fact that there are definitely good things to come in this artist’s future. Look forward to his upcoming EP Remember When and other future releases! You can check out the new single “To The End” on his Soundcloud, linked below.

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