Tee Krispil Empowers Women and Raises The Awareness Of Sexism With “Badangadang”

Out of the 330 plays of Badangadang by Tee Krispil on Soundcloud, I am responsible for listening to at least over half of those. This song is the ultimate song about the recognition of sexism in the culture of our society, but it is up to the energy and loyalty woman have for one another to fight and speak up against it.

The 25 year old pop icon from Toronto advocates for the strength and support of all woman and reminds us in her banger all women joining together is stronger than women individually.

With influences from 90’s hip hop, Krispil’s voice dares to be different with a distinctive delivery and lyrics about the shameful reality of every other song exploiting woman.

With lyrics like “At first I’ll get this off my chest, I guess I’ll call it free the nip”, and “Your raps be lacking hella substance with that misogynistic flow”, Krispil is musician who recognizes the feminist movement and equality for all.

In the rappers music video, it is filled with primary colors which was seen as the metaphor that “women are the primary colours from which the entire colourful world is created, we are the source of earthly creation, all humans are created from our primary, primal ability to birth”.

Tee Krispil will continue to wow viewers with lyrics of women empowerment and given enough time, I can guarantee one of her songs will be used in an episode of Broad City.

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Taylor Papadakis

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