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The Roseline Releases “Maze of Glass” from Upcoming Album

Kansas natives, The Roseline, is the musical creation developed by Colin Halliburton (guitar and vocals). The band was formed together in 2005 in Lawrence, KS which to this day is still their home base. The band already has recorded and released four albums; “A Wall Behind It” (2007), “Lust for Luster” (2008), “Vast as Sky” (2012), and “Townie” (2015). And now, the band is proud to announce the release of their fifth album called “Blood” which is anticipated this fall.

“Maze of Glass” is the lead single from “Blood”, and Halliburton couldn’t be more proud of this track.

“This song explores the experience of moving back in with my parents at an age that may not exactly be encouraged by today’s societal norms. My girlfriend and I decided it would help us save money as she was returning to school. The move also resulted in me getting my first ‘straight’ job at the same middle school I attended as a kid, which was at once surreal and massively rewarding. In short, it’s a love song — a testament to the ability of a partner making you a better person. And if you’re familiar with my catalog of songs at all, that’s a true rarity. Not every song should be a total bummer.” says Halliburton.

When first listening to the song I could not agree more with Halliburton that it is indeed a love song. It’s a mellow alt-country song which is nice to hear from time to time, especially on a rainy night.

“Blood” will be available on October 6th, and we are looking forward to seeing what The Roseline can bring to the table with their edge and classic blend of wit and melancholic honest in their songs!

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