The Sky Family Releases Their Latest Project “Celtic Revival! 2017 Gold Edition”

The Sky Family is an interesting bunch.  If you are looking for a change of pace and easy listening, then look no further.  This family creates inspirational Celtic-themed music.  Their latest release, Celtic Revival! 2017 Gold Edition, has actually turned the heads of Billboard, and good things are surely to come in their future.

I gave the release a few listens, and while it is something foreign to my ears, I found it quite relaxing.  Celtic music has this highly rustic feel to it; when you hear it, you can just sense the presence of the outdoors and nature. The instrumentation is really quite impressive on all fronts.  I found myself especially impressed by the fiddle work on the tracks.  The vocals were rather soothing as well.  I would say my top track on the record would most definitely be “Facing the Gale.”  It is a great instrumental track that will have your toes tapping.

Celtic Revival 2017! Gold Edition is now available for purchase and streaming through Souncloud and Spotify and it is worth the listen. You can keep up with The Sky Family on their media pages. Listen on!

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