Toggo Ultrarock Shoots Off A “Cannonball” For First Single Off New EP Coming This Summer

Born and raised in Norway, Toggo paid his musical dues in Los Angeles in a variety of rock bands, before turning the local Hollywood scene upside down with his band Scared Of Girls. After some time being away, Toggo has come back. His song “Cannonball” is the first single from his upcoming five song EP “Ultrarock”, due this Summer.

“Cannonball” is a song that is very EDM and rock which creates a unique sound. The elements combined are electronic dance music, radio friendly riffs, and it’s a take on modern rock.

The music video for “Cannonball” displays an anime inspired imagery throughout the video. It’s colorful and vibrant which will be a pleasure for animation fans. In the video Toggo is seen trying to capture the attention of this girl, every time he tries to get close to her she flees away. However, in the end of the video she is seen at one of his shows. He stops the show and follows her outside where he kisses her. The animation throughout the video makes the interesting, it’s like a fantasy story is being told.

The song is in fact very different, but I honestly grew up listening to this similar style of music. Now a days I would probably not listen to this style. But I say the song can lead listeners in opposite directions. There is still the very rock vibe of the song, which I am down with, and there is also the EDM inspired part of the song. However, in the end they do create this unique sound which can draw listeners in.

At the end of the day, Toggo still has his very dedicated fan base who have been with him from the very beginning.

Toggo has one goal for this music and that is, “To leave the world irrecoverably inspired by his music and persona.” Which he clearly is doing drawing in a creative fanbase with his music.

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