Young Galaxy Kicks Off Their New Album With An Amazing Music Video

With 80’s Depeche Mode vibes, Young Galaxy’s new album sounds like the missing soundtrack to Stranger Things.

Young Galaxy isn’t by any means new to the music industry. In 2013, they released an album, Ultramarina, which featured one of their hit songs “Pretty Boy”. Unaware of who they were at the time, Young Galaxy is making a come back with their new album, Dawn Time.

The album is complete with 10 new electronic hits that dare to go against today’s counterculture, and question the reinventions our minds create. It’s full of songs about the ideas of what it means to be isolated, corrupted, or in despair.

There most successful hit on their new album, “Frontier”, is complete with a new music video and personal analysis from lead singer, Catherine McCandless. The song itself was the main inspiration for the album. They created the video with “featuring light, textures, bravery, and brawn” The duo “wanted to shoot a love letter that fortifies, works for change, and spills over in it’s celebration of the place of this love.”

They have been promoting their new album among the US since the beginning of April, and now will be finishing their tour in Canada on 21st of the month. Futuristic tones and existentialist lyrics set this duo apart from other artists, but their independence for creating music their way, makes me just one of their many new fans.

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Taylor Papadakis

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