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Zolo Releases New Video for Party Hit, “I Saw You”!

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The dance beat, “I Saw You”  from Zolo hits you from the very beginning with an interesting dance twist. The song describes a night at the club and all the crazy things seen at a party, good and bad. Zolo takes us through the video with lyrics that are hilarious all why keeping us dancing. The club is jumping, but it’s difficult not to notice some things going on according to Zolo, such as the girl vomiting in the corner (Yuck!). The beat nevertheless keeps you grooving and the video does an excellent job of creating the scene for the dance hit.  Everything from the sexy dancers to the red cups depicts nothing but a great time at a house party.  “I Saw You” is definitely a video that will stay in your mind the next bash you attend while making you pay closer attention to all those little party things we love.


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Jodie Masteller

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