After Viral Stardom, Aidan James Looks Continue His Rise With “What My Friends Talk About”

At the age of 16, singer/songwriter Aidan James has already made a name for himself. At the age of nine he went viral on YouTube reaching 20 million views for his cover of “Hey Soul Sister” by Train. James sung the song while strumming away on his ukulele. Since then he has been featured on Good Morning America, an HBO Documentary, and an NFL ProBowl music spot.

Today, we are reviewing his single, “What My Friends Talk About”. The song to me is a combination of pop, rock, and contemporary music with an indie edge to it. Listening to his voice, I would think he was 16 at all. His sound is very mature and different from all the young pop stars around his age. It is a catchy pop tune and his strong vocals carry throughout the song making it very enjoyable to listen to.

With such a big upcoming James is now going to be releasing an album sometime in 2018 and I’m sure that the album will make a big impact just as his single. The song is carefree and is very catchy, to me I feel that Aidan James will have more upcoming success in years to come!

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Kristen Calderoni

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