Alli Walker Puts Our “Head In the Clouds” with Her New Funky Single

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Alli Walker is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumental based out of Toronto Canada. After many years of performing at numerous gigs, writing, studio time, and developing, “Head In The Clouds” was created as her first official single!

She got the inspiration for “Head In The Clouds” while driving in her car. She played her co-writer the song in the car singing with her no-so-hands-free-highway-driving car voice not, with her left food as the beat and her right food on the gas. Needless to say, her co-writer was hooked. However, “Head In The Clouds” was re-written twice and re-recorded two more times. Walker wanted to make a statement with perfecting this song and she clearly has.

“Head In The Clouds” is one of those songs you just wanna get up and dance to. It’s funky and outside-the-box. The song is a pop sound with funky and R&B vibes. It’s also slightly EDM-infused, which I’m not the biggest fan of but this song I truthfully enjoy. So if anyone is a little EDM fan or a big one, “Head In The Clouds” is the song for them to listen too. Even if one night you just wanna dance, put this song on and you’ll have a blast!

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