AMAAL Seeks That Special Connection We All Crave With “Need It Too”

At a time where releasing music to the public has become as easy as clicking a button, a single artist manages to stray away from this sea of internet musicians who have chosen to play it safe in order to appeal to a wider range of audience, AMAAL. Despite just starting his long journey as a musician, AMAAL is delivering pop music like we’ve never heard before.

With his debut single, “Need It Too”, AMAAL is introducing himself to the music industry and to his potential audience. And he does so in the best possible way with his single “Need It Too”. The tracks showcases the artist’s beautiful soothing vocals as well the beautiful lyrics that reflect a feeling, which we all can relate to, the feeling of desperation for that special connection. This track is unique and accurately reflects the artist’s personality, making it even more memorable.

With the recent launch of his own Youtube channel, AMAAL is planning on conquering the entertainment world from all of its aspects, music, beauty and fashion.

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Salma Almed

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