Arden & The Wolves Create A Gothic Cover To “Mary Did You Know?”

The Los Angeles based band Arden & The Wolves consisting of vocalist Arden Leigh, drummer Nick Mason, bassist Rick Brandt, and guitarist Marko Jankovic have released a cover of the classic gospel/holiday song “Mary Did You Know?” .This comes after the February release of their EP “Who Can You Trust?”, an album that spoke of her personal journey healing from trauma.

The performance of the song is similar to Evanescence’s sound, a gothic calling to the tales of Christianity. Arden had stated that she wanted to make a more gothic sounding version of the song since none had been made before.

Arden’s experience recording the song came into effect in her own life stating that, “any narrative work I choose to focus my attention on is bound to show up in my life in deeply transformative ways”. Arden is more than just a vocalist: she is an author, intuitive relationship coach, and a magical arts practitioner.

The song is more than just a cover for her. It is one that represents the idea of how to heal others from trauma they have personally experienced or inherited through genetic altercations in their DNA known as epigenetics by scientists and ancestral curses by witches.

She goes on to state that Jesus would have felt the hardships that Mary faced, which leads into his self-mastery and the path to healing the Jewish people and their lineage from the trauma they had faced “but also bring those same healing codes to others around you just by existing and speaking it into life – a lighthouse in the dark, an example of what is possible.”

The song is a question for Mary, asking her if she knew what her fate of being the mother of Jesus would behold for the greater existence of humanity beginning on Christmas in co-ordinance with the Winter Solstice.

If you want to listen to a haunting melody that stands out among other Christmas songs, listen to Arden & The Wolves’ “Mary Did You Know?” cover and their latest EP “Who Can You Trust?” on these social media platforms.



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