Arthur Fowler Announces “Here I Am Again” With New EP

Arthur Fowler leaves 2017 with brand new EP, Here I Am Again. This is his second major release, and it is surely to be a good indication of what Fowler is all about.  This collection of songs is something of a world traveler, as there are guests from both Chicago and Japan on the album.

First, I’ll just say, you can certainly see the different world influences.  On the first two tracks of the EP, there are some Chicago Blues Musicians featured, and it is very evident.  With it, we hear this interesting hybrid-like mix of blues and jazz.  The instrumentation is really quite impressive, especially the guitar work on “Blues For Wesley.” The last three tracks on the EP feature Japanese musicians, and it is really interesting to hear the stylistic differences. This entire EP is worth the listen, for both the great songs and the interesting mix of cultural scenes.

You can stream Here I Am Again, and more music by Arthur Fowler, via Spotify and Soudcloud. You can also check out the video for “Disappearing” on YouTube.  Please give these tracks a spin, and follow the artist on the various media platforms.  Listen on and pass the vibes!

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