Ashnikko Is About To “Blow” With Her Latest Single

Within a short span of time, “Blow” by Ashnikko has done exactly that. The London based rapper goes off on her latest single.

Nothing is held back within the lyrics nor sounds of the upbeat song.

“You might not be familiar with Ashnikko yet, but you’re about to be…she’s been crafting off-kilter southern synth trap like no-one else, and she’s had one hell of a journey to get here,” said Notion Magazine.

Ashnikko’s journey began with her move from North Carolina in high school to Estonia and then to Latvia. Nikko experienced major culture shock upon her arrival in Latvia.

She was the only American in her high school where classes were only taught in Latvian. In order to continue to fuel her musical passion, Nikko would travel to London on the weekends.

Her frequent trips to the UK allowed her to make a name for herself with tracks like “Blow” and her last EP Sass Pancakes.

“Blow” is just one of the tracks on Nikko’s forthcoming EP, Unlikeable, set to be released this summer.

It is an extraordinary track that displays Ashnikko’s creative and musical abilities. The track’s video sends late 1990’s early 2000’s goth vibes. Nikko is dressed in oversized outfits, green hair and contagious confidence.

Not only are the visuals of the music video dope but so is the message behind the song.

“‘Blow’ starts with ‘Take it off and show them how much you want it,’ which is poking fun at the culture of women being exploited in music,” said Ashnikko. “I’m tired of being brainwashed that my body is my biggest asset. And it’s me saying to myself that I will never exploit myself in a way that doesn’t empower me.”

Ashnikko’s ability to combine pop, hip-hop and feminism have me excited for her future projects.

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