Astha Describes Beautiful Love With “Muse”

Astha reminds us of how beautiful love is in “Muse.”

Professing her love and admiration for her lover, the Toronto-based singer holds nothing back on the latest track.

“Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamt of meeting my person,” said Astha. “I sort of always had a traditional and idealistic view of what love should be; faithful, honest, and unconditional.”

Her delightful sound and heartfelt lyrics transport you back to 90’s era R&B when artists unapologetically declared their love.

The chorus of the song is Astha’s declaration of her unwavering love. She sings, “And you are my muse/And I choose/To need you/By my side/To love you/All my life.”

“I am making a vow here, to stick through thick and thin, to love this person forever,” Astha added.

She manages to blend the unique and distinct genres of both R&B and folk into a passionate anthem. Her ethereal voice easily makes the track worth putting on replay.

“Muse” is also the title track of Astha’s upcoming EP, set to be released later this year.

“The title track, “Muse” is the central source of inspiration that ties the 7 song EP together,” said Astha.

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