Audible Spotlight: Zeistencroix Releases A Badass EP with Gemini

LA-based industrial metal band Zeistencroix released their badass new EP Gemini last month, with driving promotional single “I Need You Tonight.” The EP was produced in collaboration with Tim Palmer (U2, Robert Plant, Ozzy Osbourne, Pearl Jam, David Bowie’s Tin Machine) and Bill Metoyer (Slayer, WASP, Six Feet Under, etc.).

Zeistencroix was founded a few years ago, despite the challenges of group members’ past of growing up in a “third world country plagued by hunger, crime and political  persecution during the last two decades.” Comprised of Venezuelan-American vocalist, songwriter, and frontman Orlando Draven, and drummer Santi Rivillas, the duo’s style can’t really be “pigeonholed” into a single genre of rock. With their powerful guitar riffs, syncopated percussion, strong electronic influence, and Orlando’s unique vocals (a vibrating, throat singing style) they’ve tackled genres such as Industrial, Metal, Rock, and Alternative, and are similar in sound to Depeche Mode, NIN, Zeromancer, Marilyn Manson, and HIM.

The band’s past releases, including “Saturated” and “Stranger,” have garnered praise from sources such as Revolver Magazine, puregrainaudio, Side-Line, and Alternation Dark Culture Magazine. The last of which had this to say about “Stranger”: “Perfectly used instruments backed with interesting vocals‘Stranger’ will fit well as a music for the movie.” Overall, praise for the group shows promise, as can also be seen by the growing following for the powerful tracks.

Curious about the band’s name? Well, “[the] band’s name doesn’t have a specific meaning: It emerged as a combination of sounds from various languages with the solely purpose of making the band stand out.”

Curious about the Zeistencroix in general? Well, you can check out their released tracks, as well as further information, by following any and all of the links below!

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