Audible Review: Adam Rose Reminisces Sounds Of 60’s Bands With “Levitate The Base”

Musician Adam Rose has recently released his album “Levitate the Base.” From first impressions, the album seems to be giving a nod to the band Pink Floyd and their album “Dark Side of the Moon” from the triangle forefront and the galactic background.

Rose himself is a multi-instrumentalist who can play a wide variety of instruments from guitar to the digeridoo which I always admire and appreciate in any musician, especially in the experimental genre though it is not my own personal choice or taste in music.

Rose also combines his instrumentation with his programming and engineering skills that create the ambient sounds that is the foundation for the entire album.

“Levitate the Base” reminds me of a jam band session that you would see at your local bar. There is either little to no vocals played throughout their set which I’m, personally, not a huge fan of though it does force the listener to fully concentrate on the music and the performers, making them learn to appreciate the craft behind, what I consider to be, authentic musicians from the way they perform and see the beauty within performing and not being labeled like many artists are which is what Rose keeps away from through this album.

Rose describes the album as, “a symbol of me overcoming tremendous pain to rise up… It is symbolic of taking all the shattered pieces of my life and forming one cohesive artform.” From this, the album represents life as well and how there is no label to the way that people live and what they face because it can change so easily, just like the songs themselves do.

Personally though, I’m not a fan of Rose’s style overall, but if I wanted the kind of ambient music used for studying or writing such as I’m doing here, I would recommend it because all you focus on is the sound and melody which is what he makes the focal point of this album. If you do enjoy this though, go check out Rose’s album “Levitate the Base” and his social media platforms as well.








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