Audible Review: Adam Winn Goes Back to His Folk and Rock Roots With His EP

Adam Winn’s self titled EP has been released into the early months of 2017. His EP , which contains five songs, has gained tons of recognition and has been a huge success. His roots are firmly in folk and rock, he gives all of himself to his listeners. Winn was raised in Fort St. John, British Columbia, hastily taking to the bass guitar at age 11 and then learning to sing at 16. His inspiration for his songs comes from life experiences. Through these life experiences he hopes to connect with his audience.

A specific song that stood out to me on the EP was “Burnout”. This song to me portrays the message of learning about life and when it is time to let go. I’m sure that everyone has come to this at some point in their life. Sometimes certain events must end in life or simply, burnout.

Another song from the EP that portrays just how raw, simple yet complex the entire EP as a whole is “Better Friend”. This song has a single drum beat that keeps the tempo up for an upbeat feel to the track. Also the guitar is perfectly intertwined with the beat throughout the whole song.

Winn is currently set to begin his first tour of western Canada later in July, but for now his EP is available on There is no doubt in my mind that while on his tour Winn will captivate the audience with his beautiful voice that melds with his folky acoustic guitar to create the perfect outlet for his timeless stories.

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