Audible Review: Amaris Lights Up The Electro-Pop With “Neon Colors”

Dutch Geiko (female electronic dance music) producer Amaris Wenceslas takes a dab into the electronic pop genre and releases her third project Neon Colors.  The album is centered on love songs that encompass letting go of someone, loyalty to a lover, and the happiness found in being single among other subject areas.  She produced all eleven tracks of the album along with her second Geiko album (the first was in 2014) in 2017.  She also released her first novel, a science fiction titled The Chariots of Orion 1: The Request, in the same year.

With an album produced by such a multi-talented individual like her (she debuted in the limelight as an actress in 2011 and has studied drama, dance, classical music, finance management, and business law) it’s not a surprise that she drew from her many talents on her approach to the album’s theme.  Most notably is the track “Unsigned”.  On the surface she’s singing about being an independent musician, but on deeper analysis you notice she’s praising herself for being single.  She doesn’t need a man to get what she wants in life just as she doesn’t need to be signed to a record label for her music to be heard.  It’s brilliant and clever.

Amaris is obviously a hard worker having produced the music and having sung all the songs on the album. She managed to show versatility in each track with the simple yet catchy head-bopping beats that get you grooving as you listen. The rich tone in her voice and the passion with which she sings are elements she possesses that have the potential to make her a powerhouse singer.

Have a listen to Neon Colors on Spotify.  You can also follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and on Facebook.  Enjoy the music!

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