Audible Review: Astral Cloud Ashes – Dear Absentee Creator

Astral Cloud Ashes’ latest album Dear Absentee Creator is nothing short of a masterpiece. The eleven track album incorporates and harmonizes various styles, sounds, and cultures.

Astral Cloud Ashes is a Jersey (Channel Islands) based band composed of solo instrumentalist Anthony Walker.

The sound of Astral Cloud Ashes, however, is bigger than its band size.

“Jersey’s Astral Cloud Ashes may be the best thing to come from this Channel Island since its potatoes,” said York Calling. “Big guitar riffs support emo-rock vocals in a way that I thought was all but extinct. A casual reference to 1999 is well-placed.”

The band’s newest album blends Japanese culture with the sounds and styles of Alternative Rock and Emo.

“There’s a Japanese theme running through this record. I wrote the songs on this album whilst getting more and more fascinated by the world of cryptocurrency which is another massive passion of mine,” said Anthony Walker. “I also used a few samples of traditional Japanese instruments like the Koto to create ambient sound beds under the guitars on a lot of the songs.”

The Japanese influence within the album is not only evident within the sounds of each song but also in song titles like “Kimobetsu Love” and “Satoshi Nakamoto vs. Unyielding Desire For BAU.”

The title of the album itself is also reflective of the “Japanese theme” Walker incorporates throughout the album.

“The album’s title Dear Absentee Creator is actually a reference to Satoshi Nakamoto, the (some would say genius) creator of the world’s first ever cryptocurrency, whose true identity has never been known,” Walker added.

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