Audible Review: Dylan Tauber Releases “Sounds From Space'” With Latest Album

Dylan Tauber is a man of many talents, he have excelled in a variety of the arts (writing, photography and keyboard). With several books out as well as 12 albums, 10 of which were free, over the span of his 20 year long career, Tauber is a creator. With his latest release “Sounds from Space,” the artist is taking his listeners on a spiritual journey with his record. Featuring vocals by the talented Francessca Belisario and Enlia, the 15 track album is a versatile electronic masterpiece.

Sounds from Space, is a modern collection of tracks that is more than just music, it is an unforgettable experience. One of the record’s most memorable tracks is the second track “Clouds” featuring vocals from Enlia. This track successfully introduces the audience to Tauber’s genre and style of music. Another track which the album will be remembered for is the track “He Loves Carmen” featuring Francessca Belisario, the track is one of the most personal on the record. Inspired by the artist’s girlfriend Carmen, the track was recorded with her by his side. The track’s remix is accompanied with an equally unique music video, reflecting the artist’s  aesthetics. The music video takes place in a nightclub, paired with multi colored laser lights and girls swaying to the catchy beat, it is the perfect visualization of the track. ِAlthough the record is nothing but masterpieces, the two mentioned tracks are the two most exceptional tracks featured on the record.

Although it is the artist’s 12th album, it still reflects his talent and creativity and it is showing that Tauber has no intention of stopping anytime soon. He is a man of endless talent and creativity, and we are expecting 20 more years of unique electronic records.






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