Audible Review: Groupoem Takes Us To “Dirt Church”

Vancouver rock group, Groupoem, steps back into the music scene after a 25-year hiatus with their new album Dirt Church. After taking time out to develop personal lives and solo-projects, the group reformed together in 2014 to record their momentous and staggering comeback studio album.

After not releasing music since their six-song EP before going off on their North American Tour in 1987, Groupoem is back to show the world they are not done yet. The band is made up of songwriter, lyricist, and guitar player Terry Robinson, lyricist and vocalist Marph aka Mr Science, drummer Christopher “Flea” Lee, and bass guitarist Darren Katamay. Although having personal success the band believed it was time to bring themselves back together to make the ultimate punk/ progressive rock album.

‘Dirt Church’ is a 19-track CD produced from September 2014 to March 2017. Each song off the album represents “songs the band recorded in Toronto in their “early days” as well as new material recorded in Vancouver at The Farm and Greenhouse Studios over the past two years”. ‘Dirt Church’ is filled with an energetic rush of rhythmic melodies and inspiring lyrics, which showcases the growth and development Groupoem has taken into being an alternative rock band. Each song has a different sound, allowing the album to come together with a unique alternative rock experience for listeners.

After their success through ‘Dirt Church’, Groupoem is looking forward to getting back into the Studio to begin working on their next album, as well as preparing for they’re next tour. Be sure to check out the group’s new album ‘Dirt Church’ today!

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