Audible Review: Jacqui L Takes Us to Another Place With “PLANET PARALLEL 5”

Jacqui L literally brings her audience to another dimension in her new album, “PLANET PARALLEL 5”. Jacqui L considers herself as an inhabitant of PLANET PARALELL 5, also known as Planet Parallel 5ians (or PP5). Therefore, through her latest release, she is able to give her listeners a look into the safe environment and creative world she has constructed for herself and her fans.

Although her current address is on Planet Parallel 5, Jacqui L is originally from Sydney, Australia. Her music is very unique, with a background of progressive rock meets progressive metal sound, allowing her to be able to break barriers into a variety of genres. Each song, including vocals, lyrics, and keys, are written by Jacqui L herself, allowing her to truly depict the intergalactic experience she wants her audience to enter.

“PLANET PARALLEL 5” is a 10-track creative piece of work Jacqui L has put together in order to communicate philosophical lyrics through her identity of the scorpion/ alien from the planet PP5. The album itself has a conceptual rock sound, showcasing the artist’s musical and vocal abilities. Track’s like ‘Decaying Orbit’ exhibit her unique beats and instrumental patterns, while songs like ‘Distraction’ show off her wide and distinct vocal range.

This album is definitely a unique form of art, both visually and lyrically. To gain a better look into the planet that is PP5, be sure to listen to Jacqui L’s new album PLANET PARALLEL 5 out today!

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Kaitlin Boyle

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