Audible Review: King Ropes Gives A Garage Rock Gem with “Dirt”

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King Ropes album “Dirt” is an album that hits home with me. Their music style reminds me of Alice Cooper, probably because I grew up with my father listening to Alice Cooper and other artists of that style all the time. Being always around this indie rock/garage rock feel of music I have developed a love and particular fond of it. This album is the type of album when you hop in your car with no intentions of reaching a final destination and just drive.

It’s calming and relaxing but still has this strong edge to it. Frontman and guitarist Dave Hollier expresses that the lyrics in the songs rooted in the highs and lows of human experience. To him, the songs express the emotional struggles while reflecting the positives in life and the complexity of how life can be.

“I’ve got a record that I’m really psyched about, and a super solid band who get all the influences I’m trying to bring together,” Hollier spills.  “I’m excited to get these songs out in the world.  This stuff is so much fun to play, and I want to share it with people.  My life has taken me down a bunch of different paths, and to a lot of different places, but right now I’m feeling lucky to be able to dive deep into playing this music.”

It is true music can take a person down different paths and lead them to where their music has gotten them to be where it is. It’s taken Hollier about fifteen years to be serious with music, between moving across the United States and truly finding and discovering who he is.

Back to “Dirt”, it is a strong album which sharp musical and emotional focus. Hollier and the other bandmates can’t wait to get on the road and tour this album. They feel that with their confidence and edge they will be successful and catch the eyes of new music listeners.

 There is no doubt in my mind that this band will be one of the new up and coming bands to keep an eye out for!

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