Audible Review: Light Warriors Emit Positive Vibes With “Raise The Frequency”

Indie Reggae band Light Warriors has released their positive-vibes-only album “Raise the Frequency.”

Light Warriors is lead by Erik Rabasca, who—after working in the corporate world for many years—decided to quit his job and begin a new career “raising awareness about human rights issues through his art.”

Rabasca’s music, and Light Warriors in general, stands to “transcend clan, culture, and nation” in an effort to give people positivity. Essentially, Rabasca wants his music to be a constant positive light in everyone’s lives as they navigate through any negativity they may encounter.

His latest effort is an attempt to maintain that goal. According to Rabasca, the music found on Raise the Frequency is about “the power of collective energy with positive intention.” He believes that by “selflessly [pouring] love into every interaction with the strength and discipline of a warrior,” humanity can overcome many obstacles it is currently facing, and Raise the Frequency reinforces these ideas.

 The opening lines of the album are “No division, no separation; unity is strength,” uttered at the beginning of “No More Division.” In the song’s 3 and a half minutes, Rabasca speaks of how humanity’s divisive ways should be stopped, as it is sometimes “on two sides of the same coin.”

The chorus is simple, but effective, stating, “What we want: no more division.” The second hook is followed by a striking guitar solo and bridge before blasting into a final harmonious chorus. Ultimately, “No More Division” is a powerful opener for Raise the Frequency.

One of the album’s closers, “Everything,” is a powerful track as well. The song presumably targets humans’ need to be divisive and argumentative. Early on, Rabasca states that “all we’re trying to do is get across our own point of view. Doing the best we can to listen, try to understand all these things that we do.”

He wastes no time in assuring listeners that everything will be okay because “everything eventually fits neatly in a place.” Everything—alongside The Sounding of the Trumpets—is a potent closer that gives listeners a taste of something new while not straying too far away from the projects core elements.

 Erik Rabasca began Light Warriors as “a unifying force, using music as the primary and universal language” to go beyond certain qualifiers; in essence, he wanted his musical project to be accessible to everyone and anyone in a time of need, including humanity as a whole.

Certainly, Raise the Frequency helps Rabasca accomplish such a feat, and one can be sure that his prolonged future in the music industry will inspire many people to maintain positivity and hopefulness in their lives.

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