Audible Review: Matteo Scher Puts Out “Something Good” With New EP

New York-based singer and songwriter Matteo Scher is looking to make waves with his new EP “Something Good.”

After being born into a music family, Scher began playing piano at the age of four. In the following years, he would grow to also pick up playing violin and guitar.

Scher recorded an EP with his sister in 2013 before working on his own release alongside famed musician Alicia Keys. The result, his “Chasing Stars” EP, was subsequently released in 2015. Since then, Scher has done a myriad of live shows in and around New York City, including at Webster Hall, Rockwood Music Hall, The Bitter End, and The Bowery Electric.

At 20, and after 2 full years in New York, Scher has prepared himself to release his very first fully-produced extended play.

 “New York and Me” is the EP’s opener, and one can immediately tell it will be a standout track. The 4-minute song is essentially a love letter to New York.

According to Scher, the song is centered on “people, artists…who live in New York, love New York, and ultimately leave New York.” While it disheartens him, he knows that they will have to return to New York eventually.

Musically, the track is very reminiscent of Frank Sinatra. Simple piano is paired with drums and—at some points—guitar. The melody sticks as Scher sings about always being in New York waiting for artists to return.

As a nice opener for the EP, New York & Me will be a song fans keep going back to.

“Painkiller” is another obvious standout track from Something Good. As the album’s closer, the track is 4 minutes of Scher comparing a love interest to pharmaceutical drugs.

It begins with a slow piano track, as Scher sings about needing to be saved and how he is lucky that a particular person found him in time for him to let go of some toxic behaviors. In the chorus, we see why this person is his “painkiller,” as Scher has become addicted to how therapeutic they can be for him.

After the first chorus, the second verse adds a nice drum track and guitar over the piano, which makes for a much more memorable melody (and will have heads moving). Immediately following the second chorus, the song launches into an incredible bluesy guitar solo, and Scher takes us out with a one last powerful hook. Painkiller is a nice culmination for the extended play.

Ultimately, one can tell Scher spent lots of time perfecting this material before releasing it. As his first fully-produced EP, he is bound to only improve in the future, and that will certainly do wonders for his career.

Matteo Scher is a current student of music business at Baruch College, and he is certainly on the way to making huge accomplishments in the music industry. His Something Good EP seems to have been crafted with an extraordinary level of care and meticulousness. Each song presents listeners with something different, and each song perfectly showcases his musical diversity.

Without a doubt, fans of music everywhere will continue to see and hear about Matteo Scher, and one can only hope that what he treats the world to in the future retains the same amount of talent as is present in Something Good.

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