Audible Review: Max Lee Paints The “Color of Noise” With Psychedelic Album

New York musician Max Lee recently came out with his new album Colors of Noise, a title seeming to allude us into a world of synesthesia. Max recorded the vocals and instruments for the album entirely on his own with Lee stating that it, “shows something about the individuality and uniqueness that we all have.”

The album itself falls under the experimental and psychedelic genres of music with a touch of soft rock. Though the songs are short, under three minutes each, there are many to listen to, eighteen to be exact. Lee’s vocals are similar to John Mayer’s, both having melodic baritone vocals backed up by morose instrumentals. Lee is a more experimental artist though than Mayer.

The album is instrumental heavy which Lee likes to play with their sound throughout the album. He does this with vocals as well, using echo effects in most of the songs. His music is similar to artists like The Flaming Lips, Talking Heads, and Beck. Though I am not personally a fan, it can Lee’s presentation of his music is something to seriously appreciate.

I would say he is a “true artist” by the way that he possesses his own music, making it how he wants it to sound, not what the general public prefers, which I find admirable in an artist to own their craft and make it something that is genuinely theirs and cultivate a fanbase from this.

Overall, this is not my preferred genre of music but in the right setting such as if I were taking a long drive in the early morning down a rainy mountain road, this album would be a perfect way to start the day off on a mellow tone. Some of the songs I would recommend are “Could Be” and “Touchthestars” for people who want to get into the experimental genre and learn to appreciate it for what it is.

So, go listen to Max Lee’s album Colors of Noise on Spotify. Check out his other social media platforms as well.


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Kaitlyn Smith

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