Audible Review: Passionate, Sophisticated Perspectives in No Liars’ New EP, “The Cause and The Cure”

People can often be so quick to turn any metal or punk music off when they hear screaming or feel uncomfortable. But when they turn off the music, they lose the chance to be engulfed in a passion so deep and so intense that it could drown you. That passion is ubiquitously clear on No Liars’ single,” Justified Sacrifice”, and throughout their new EP, The Cause and The Cure.

No Liars writes that “Justified Sacrifice” is “an expression of anger towards disinformation campaigns and the dissemination of ‘alternative truths’ by ratings-hungry organizations whose only concern is being the first to break the latest story.” To me, using art as a tool to express any and all emotions is both crucial and healthy during this time of societal progress and of cultural and political changes. I think that No Liars accomplishes this artistic expression greatly, especially in the music video for “Justified Sacrifice”. The passionate anger felt in the song can be visualized in its accompanying music video, which for many after watching can feel cathartic. They deliver their sophisticated message about the unstoppable tide of alternative truths through their loud, upbeat and riveting musical motives, effectively inciting an energy and drive in the listener that makes him or her just as passionate about the issue as the members of No Liars.

In regards to the rest of the EP, I enjoyed the album’s opener, “Freedom Regime”, for its cool, driving drum beat and the mysterious chords populating its opening and continuing into later parts of the song, after the tempo picks up. I also like the slower, rhythmic groove and presence of the guitar in “Animal”. For less metal-inclined listeners, try “The Unheard”, which features nice vocal harmonies and beautiful lyrics, my favorite being: “we are burning the sun together as one.”

My favorite song on the whole EP is “The Cause and The Cure”, the title track which comes last on the album. It is an interesting shift in energy from the rest of the music on the album. It becomes especially intimate in the moments where the song strips down to just vocals and the guitar, fitting haunting lyrics like “I’ll be your lifeline that’s just out of reach” perfectly. As the song culminates, it explodes in a loud section where the last note rings for what feels like forever. This plunged me headfirst into the sense of destruction left in the wake of this song’s huge explosion. Just like I was, listeners will be plunged into an unmatched and inescapable passion and intensity by listening to this EP. The feelings that No Liars convey in every track on the EP permeate the listener with their rawness and authenticity. The listener might just confuse them for his or her own.

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