Audible Review: Raven King Keeps Grunge Alive With Self-Tilted Album

Long gone are the days in which grunge music was all the radios ever played. The rawness and authenticity of grunge music is what is missing from today’s mainstream pop music, making it deeply missed in the industry. The band Raven King is giving us the dearly missed grunge sound inspired by the time when grunge music blossomed, the 90’s. The band’s music is a breeze of fresh air in comparison to all the pop music topping the charts.

The band’s self-titled album is the perfect combination of emotional lyrics, beautiful vocals and original music. Those different factors come together to give us this masterpiece of an album. The band’s most distinguishable quality is the undeniable authenticity present in every aspect of their production. Their latest single “Drool” is the perfect example of said authenticity. From the lyrics to the entirety of the music video that accompanies the single, the band members are behind everything. This involvement in every aspect of their music makes the band members and their music feel more real and natural.

The 11 track record is a wonderful representation of the band’s sound. Each of the songs has its own unique sound, yet they all fit into the grunge aesthetics of the band. One of the record’s most memorable tracks is the album’s opening track “Carnival,” the track showcases the band’s sound and leaves the listener wanting more.

The band’s dark lyrics and aesthetics add to the beauty of the music released.

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Salma Almed

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