Audible Review: Seneko – True Dimension

Coming out of Connecticut, Seneko reaches out to touch the ears of the world. Having a stellar debut release in 2016, they decided to follow up with another excellent release in 2017.  I have to say, True Dimension, the fresh EP, does not disappoint at all. After listening to this collection of songs quite a few times, I have come to really appreciate the sound Seneko has to offer.  It’s a sound that is not very abundant, but if I had to say, I’d say the sound is reminiscent of bands like Gin Blossoms and The Wallflowers.

The EP opens with the titular track, “True Dimension.”  I have to strongly agree with the placement, because the track acts as a really good introduction for the project.  The sound is pretty consistent throughout the EP, with interesting lyrics sprinkled all throughout. I have to commend the instrumentation on this project. It is surprisingly diverse, yet keeping true to the overall sound of the band. I highly recommend listening to the self-titled release, Seneko, as well. It is just as good, and one can see that Seneko is not remaining stagnant, continuing to add more depth to the sound and change things up. Both releases are readily available on Spotify.

If you like this project, be sure to keep an eye and ear out for Seneko. As always head over to their online platforms to show support and keep up to date with the happenings surrounding them. Listen on, and support the music!

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